Northeast Wisconsin Dog Show Classic

MARCH 30 - April 2, 2017

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Volunteer Opportunities

Northeast Wisconsin Dog Show Classic

Contact Information(Revised)

Please contact the following people to sign up and help your club.  It does not matter which day you decide to help with the show.  It will count for your volunteer hours for you and your club.  You do not need to have any experience at all.  We will be happy to have your assistance! Please help us, as this is one of the biggest incomes for each club. Below is a list of areas needing assistance.

Gate                                       Gary Roberson    (920)-680-0353

(This is taking parking fees at the main entrance and passing out maps. Dress warm.)


Grooming Area Set Up  Karleen Cole (920)-684-5419, (920)629-0435

(Please help with marking the grooming areas on Wednesday Morning, also help to supervise the grooming area on Wednesday starting at 1:00 through 10:00pm.)


Volunteer Hospitality    Dave Rivest    (920)-683-2001

(Please help provide Lunch, snacks and beverages for all of our Volunteers! )

Ask Dave for specific items he needs (chopped veg., fruits, desserts, etc.)


Judges Hospitality                       Laura Vande Ven           (920)-639-4983

(Laura will need just one or two people to help provide Lunch, snacks and beverages for all of our Judges. You will not be able to exhibit at the shows if you help in this area.)


Stewards     June Ashford      (920)-336-3930 

(Stewarding is helping the exhibitors and the Judges at the ring.  Often we have a Gate steward for passing out the arm bands, with a ring steward helping the Judges inside the ring.)


Catalog Sales     Jane Lohmeyer      (920)-323-4960

(Simply selling catalogs and answering questions and giving directions.)


Runners     Ellen Vanden Avond  (920)-465-4422

(Running errands, Picking up donuts in the morning, getting supplies at local businesses.  Being on call to assist where needed. Sometimes fill in for someone for short periods of time.)


RV Parking  Dave Osborn  (920)-246-8231

Our need is for Wednesday afternoon and evening. From noon until 10:00 pm.  Assist Gary Roberson and Dave Osborn park RV’s as they arrive.  We will also need to have help on Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings.  The biggest need is Wednesday. Dress warm, drive golf cart, collect fees.)


Clean up   Dave Osborn (920)-246-8231

Starting Sunday afternoon about 1:00.  Start with picking up outdoor signage, and transporting it to one location. Collecting outdoor trash and pickup stations. Then moving inside to start cleaning floors and collecting trash. All trash goes into dumpsters. As show completes, continue to clean up, until the buildings are 110 % clean! Brooms, dust mops and vacuums are available. Please plan to stay until complete. Load equipment into vehicles and transporting to storage unit.)

Thank you for your interest in our exciting "four day" dog show.  We are pleased to announce that the Manitowoc County Kennel Club and the Packerland Kennel Club are working together to present the :
"Northeast Wisconsin Dog Show Classic".

Our goal from the beginning, is to provide a show that has the exhibitor and the dogs in mind and we will do our best to encourage exhibitors and to promote the betterment of the "Pure Bred Dogs".  Through providing a platform for competition, training and camaraderie, we will strive to develop an event that is second to none.  We plan to provide informative speakers, opportunities for health screenings, and a level of competition that reflects a higher standard.

Please join us for our new shows, and meet up with your old friends, make new friends, and enjoy the dogs that hold us all together.

Thank you, "Your" Show Committee.